An oasis called science

“My name is Alejandra Babini, I a

A teacher named Juan Canoso

When friends, colleagues and family members were asked about Dr.

Estefanía Fajardo 10 February, 2021

A life between academia, medicine, and family

She laughs when she tries to describe herself but does not hesitate when describing those who supported her in her process.

Dream big and work as a team

“Extraordinarily ordinary”, this is how Cinthya Uzcategui defines herself.

Estefanía Fajardo 05 November, 2020

Passion for service, Bernardo A. Pons-Estel’s driving force

He is not hesitant about sharing the reason why he decided to study medicine because it has an actual name: Rosario Romero, his…

Estefanía Fajardo 12 June, 2020
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