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Global Rheumatology (GRP) is a multilingual, continuously published, open access diamond scientific journal. GRP, an official journal of the Panamerican League of Associations of Rheumatology (PANLAR), is designed to publish and spread scientific knowledge on rheumatology and related specialties. 

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The ecosystem of scientific publications and its impact on the production of science in Latin America

The ecosystem of scientific publications and its impact on the production of science in Latin…


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Vaccines and rheumatic diseases (RMDs): a shared decision-making process: Special considerations for patients with rheumatic diseases

Currently, vaccination against COVID-19 is successfully ongoing in many countries, with the…

8,327 Views 14 April, 2021

Vaccination against covid-19 in patients with autoimmune diseases

There have been various concerns about vaccination against covid-19 and, above all, doubts among…

4,250 Views 15 February, 2021

Vaccination and rheumatoid diseases: a shared decision making process - Safety and effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines

COVID-19 vaccines are the most important scientific response to the global threat posed by the…

2,635 Views 07 April, 2021

Thomas Sydenham, the first rheumatologist?

Personalities are proposed to the magazine by rheumatologists interested in the History of Medicine…

1,709 Views 19 November, 2020

A look to COVID-19 vaccine from rheumatology

To return to the so-called “new normal” the solution is in a COVID-19 vaccine. In the process there…

 Shared 18 September, 2020

Poem For a Leprechaun

 Shared 11 October, 2021

The needs of patients with psoriatic arthritis and psoriasis in the Pan-American region

Psoriasis is a chronic, noncontagious, painful disease, for which there is no cure at present and…

 Shared 19 November, 2021

Silent losses

Borders are being shut down, but the virus will find ways to make our existence stealthier.

 Shared 04 December, 2021

The science behind medical cannabis

The use of cannabis as medicine has undergone an important change in recent years, being currently…

 Shared 09 December, 2021
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