Vaccination against covid-19 in patients with autoimmune diseases

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    Global Rheumatology by PANLAR

15 February, 2021
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There have been various concerns about vaccination against covid-19 and, above all, doubts among patients with autoimmune diseases. Dr. Juan Manuel Anaya answers some of the main questions on the subject and talks about the documents that have been issued by the associations in different countries on these aspects, especially the recent recommendations by the Colombian Association of Rheumatology and the Colombian Association of Immunology ad hoc committee.

Dr Anaya has a Doctorate in Biology from the Universidad de Antioquia, is an Immunologist at the Pasteur Institute in Paris and the University of Texas, San Antonio, USA. Holds a specialty in Rheumatology from the University of Paris V, René Descartes and is a physician at the Universidad del Rosario in Bogotá Colombia. He is currently Professor and Researcher at the Universidad del Rosario, Bogotá, Colombia, and is the Director of the Center for the Study of Autoimmune Diseases (CREA), Universidad del Rosario.

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