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By : Carlo V Caballero Uribe MD
Editor en Jefe Global Rheumatology by PANLAR

01 June, 2020

"The Pan-American League of Associations for Rheumatology (PANLAR) is placing a bet on a section of its “Global Rheumatology by PANLAR” journal in an effort to promote science and research. Using different means of communication, PANLAR is targeting new generations by providing a different approach. A way to have all PANLAR-generated scientific information circulate through diverse audiences."

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Besides conventional papers found in scientific journal formats, we wanted to include this section as an innovative piece in the midst of a world revolving around information and new communication technologies. All of the aforementioned with a global vision, emphasized in the Pan-American region implementation, bringing forward the development, diffusion and improvement of rheumatology in the continent.

Several segments have been proposed for this section: 

In “PANLAR Science” we will highlight certain findings and works considered as contributions to rheumatology awareness in the region. We have had PANLAR projects presented in different scenarios, works in progress from study groups and others, being structured within the developing research division, which require wide promotion inside and outside the Pan-American community interested in these topics. Moreover, the journal section will feature special reports, thus providing a fresh, novel way to introduce the latest topics in regional science. 

We will also feature a “Special Multimedia Section” focused on medical education. It will include special learning areas, available through differet visual and audio formats such as vlogs, podcasts, and infographics plus a microlearning space designed to provide important information in brief snippets, allowing for an efficient education process. 

Last but not least, we will run a section where guest columnists will address topics, pertaining to our area of specialization, from any possible point of view, but focusing on subjects that are key to its application while showing new perspectives to our readers. Doors are open for anyone interesting in submitting columns and editorial proposals. 

Each section will have its own editorial committee as well as being under editorial and peer review. Scientific language will be used, keeping its core while being comprehensible enough for a wide audience who is either a part of or interested in the world of rheumatology. 

The articles will be produced and/or reviewed by an experienced journalist in the area of health communication. We will have technical support for the multimedia sections, coming from a web developer team, with a medical editor for this area, and the editorial board collaboration for this section’s selection and presentation.

We believe this magazine promotional section will be a key element of the journal and, in our opinion, a unique and novel supplement in the world of scientific publications, since it will allow access to PANLAR’s contributions to global Rheumatology. 


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