The science behind medical cannabis

By : Global Rheumatology by PANLAR
09 December, 2021
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The use of cannabis as medicine has undergone an important change in recent years, being currently evaluated as a therapeutic possibility for various pathologies, among them, of course, rheumatic diseases.

Today in Un café por la reumatología we will discuss the current state of medical cannabis, the scientific evidence concerning its use, patterns of use and clinical experience in the region.

Joining Carlo Vinicio Caballero, editor-in-chief of Global Rheumatology, and Diego Jaimes, will be Dario Scublinsky, a rheumatologist internist with a doctorate in medicine, former editor of the Revista Argentina de Reumatología and currently coordinator of rheumatology at Swiss Medical; as well as Paola Cubillos, Colombian physician from Universidad del Rosario, founding member of Procannacol, focused on the evidence-based use of medical cannabis; and Dr. Jaime Jaramillo Mejía, anesthesiologist, specialist in pain and palliative care.

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