The fortuitous

The second snowfall of the season. Frost adorns the edge of the window that reveals the garden in gloom.


Against our wishes and in spite of the scientific effort, pandemic does not stop.

Elias Forero Illera 14 April, 2021

The hospital as a character

At a time when the health-disease binomial dominates all care, catalyzes energies and serves both as justifications and as…

Fernando Neubarth 26 March, 2021

The imperfection of the flesh

Amelia gets up from her bed with a severe stomachache and violently vomits the spoiled dinner that she would have much enjoyed…

Alberto Palacios 11 March, 2021

The Forgotten Touch

On the other end of the line, a slightly hoarse voice, accompanied by an unmistakable laugh. It is Mrs.

Elias Forero Illera 24 February, 2021

Fake covid news

The mist peels back its pestilent curtain amidst barking and motorcycle exhaust. It's a cool morning of another year ruled by the…

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