Anti Plagiarism policy

By : Global Rheumatology by PANLAR

23 April, 2024


Plagiarism is the appropriation of ideas, words or results from other people without giving them the recognition they deserve. Plagiarism is the appropriation of someone else's intellectual thought or the copying of research results made by others without authorization.

There is another type of inappropriate behavior at the time of writing and publishing a scientific article, among which we find the manufacture and falsification of data

• Manufacturing: Creation and presentation of fictitious data in a scientific investigation.

• Data falsification: Manipulation of data or experimental procedures in order to present the desired results or avoid the undesirable complications of the research being carried out.

GRP includes in the editorial process the review using software that measures the degree of similarity of documents published on the internet. The percentage of text found in other sources is reviewed. Depending on the percentage, a minimum, a medium or a maximum of similarity will be determined. Any total or partial similarity not properly cited will be grounds for rejection.




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