Why publish with GRP?

By : Global Rheumatology by PANLAR

22 April, 2024

GRP is a scientific journal designed to publish and spread scientific knowledge on rheumatology and related specialties generated mainly in our geographical region, and aims at presenting works that impact the exercise of rheumatology and have global repercussion.


As an exclusively digital and open-access journal, GRP:


  • Glocal: Local research with global repercussion.
  • Meets all international criteria for editorial quality.
  • Combines publication and promotion of science.
  • Uses a modern platform adapted to new audiences.
  • In agreement with the San Francisco Declaration (DORA) https://sfdora.org/.


By publishing with GRP, you will:


  • Publish and reach a global audience. More than a journal, GRP is a platform that allows not only for publication, but also for open-access circulation of your scientific material.
  • Reach your target audience in Latin America and worldwide. GRP will be available in different languages (English, Spanish) along with abstracts in Portuguese, which will enable visibility of your work worldwide.
  • A new experience: GRP is a specifically created review for the online ecosystem that includes specific reading and educational designs for all types of platforms and devices.
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