Obstacles facing the dissemination of science in Latin America

The dissemination of science plays a key role in publicizing the development

Unmet needs of patients with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis

During the last year, PANLAR designed a strategy focused on identifying the needs that arise i

The science behind medical cannabis

The use of cannabis as medicine has undergone an important change in recent years, being currently evaluated as

Improving patient care from the rheumatology perspective

In early 2000, the Institute of Medicine of the United States published the result

The Pan-American Rheumatology Day - Access to doctors and medicines

The Pan-American Rheumatology Day that is celebrated on May 31st.

Burn-out syndrome in Rheumatology

Burn-out syndrome is understood as a state of lack of motivation, intense exhaustion, irritability, loss of energy that develops…

Entrepreneurship in rheumatology

Entrepreneurship in health has become one of the sectors of greatest development not only to achieve the welfare of people, but…

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