Entrepreneurship in rheumatology

By : Global Rheumatology by PANLAR
25 February, 2021
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Entrepreneurship in health has become one of the sectors of greatest development not only to achieve the welfare of people, but also to contribute to the economy of our countries. This means that the sector needs more entrepreneurs and professionals who can identify needs, understand the science and engineering of technologies and, at the same time, propose innovative solutions to generate such welfare.

Discussing what is needed to boost innovation in medical training and learning about experiences in this area are the topics addressed today in A Coffee for Rheumatology with Diego Jaimes, Carlo Vinicio Caballero, editor-in-chief of Global Rheumatology, and as guests Homero Rivas, Professor of Surgery and Associate Dean of Innovation and Future at Mohamed Binn Rashid University in Dubai (United Arab Emirates), innovative entrepreneur, as well as Daniel Fernandez, internist, rheumatologist, clinical epidemiologist, university professor and director of research at PANLAR.


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