The Pan-American Rheumatology Day - The practice of Rheumatology in difficult times

By : Global Rheumatology by PANLAR
31 May, 2021
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The Pan-American Rheumatology Day that is celebrated on May 31st. In our Global Rheumatology podcast: Un Café por la Reumatología today we present a special program that we have called Global Conversations

During the health emergency x COVID-19, the limitation of face-to-face consultations allowed the widespread application of Digital Health and telemedicine tools, such as video and telephone consultations, which have been and will continue to be valuable tools to monitor patients with chronic diseases in order to identify and prioritize patients in need of medical attention.

Although face-to-face clinical evaluation and examination are still essential in the care of these patients, eHealth and telemedicine tools have facilitated the optimization of care. However, what happens to the doctor-patient relationship with the use of these technologies?

Has this relationship worsened or improved?


We are accompanied by Priscila Torres Brazilian journalist president of the Pan American Network of Associations of Rheumatic Patients ASOPAN

Annelise Goecke Former President of the Chilean Society of Rheumatology

Carlos Rios, Rheumatologist and Former President of the Ecuadorian Society of Rheumatology


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