PANLAR 2021 Coverage

The Future #10s of Rheumatology

By : Richard Aguirre
Periodista científico de Global Rheumatology by PANLAR.

12 August, 2021

"The Copa América, with young rheumatologists from the continent, is a knowledge competition with professionals from the region. "

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They are the future; the promises and the “scouts” have already seen them. They are the future of rheumatology, and they have the task of proving that they are current “stars” and that they will not only remain as promises.

The pressure, as in the green field of 90 x 120 meters, is felt today by them, but this time it will be through virtuality, due to what we all know: the pandemic.

However, this will not be an obstacle to show why they have the confidence of the teachers and, in this competition that PANLAR Young is promoting, named Copa América, they will go out on the field to give their best.

This competition aims to mix and mingle young rheumatologists, the ones who will wear the number 10 shirt in this area of medicine in the future and, through knowledge, head passes and data, will seek to win the trophy that, on this case in football, was won by the Argentine national team. No pressure for those from the land of Diego and Messi!

The ball and the knowledge roll in this competition which, due to the virtual format, is individual and involves rheumatologists in training or with only one year of specialty, represents different countries in the Americas.

The topics covered in this competition will be diverse regarding the specialty, including clinical evaluation, concepts of the different pathologies and knowledge of general culture and history.

The highlight of this session is to provide a playful and relaxing moment within the Congress, where general and specialty knowledge will be rewarded.

Now, those who already carry the #10 of knowledge and have in their hands the future of the specialty, will have a healthy competition, respecting the rules of the game, but with the desire to win and, in the meantime, the audience, who in this case will be fans, will also want to see their favorite player win.

A goal, three points, a winner’s lap; the question now is…who will the winner be?


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