Work Between Patients and Physicians, the Key to Disease Management

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14 August, 2021
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A path TOGETHER, patients and physicians, with the aim of reaching an early diagnosis and optimizing the appropriate treatment.


Shared decisions between doctor and patient were the highlight of the session at the fourth PANLAR patient congress. The Juntos group, in which the Pan-American network of rheumatic patient associations ASOPAN and PANLAR members participate, organized this event.

The conference included the development of four fundamental topics. During the first symposium, the topic of shared decision making was developed, with the presence of Dr. Victor Montori, an international reference on the subject, who, together with Maria Alicia, invited to integrate the biology and biography of each patient attended in consultation, leaving a definition of the shared decision-making process.

"It's a conversation to see what to do and co-create a sensible care plan on an intellectual, practical and emotional level."

Also participating were representatives from the different regions of the continent, commenting on the situations that are recorded and analyzed on this subject in the region. Finally, Dr. Dora Pereira left a very important piece of advice for all professionals: "Not all patients are the same".

The second topic is related to what patients want to know, during this symposium the specialists developed topics ranging from the difference between arthritis and osteoarthritis, the impact on people diagnosed with systemic lupus erythematosus; different aspects of fibromyalgia. They showed that scleroderma goes beyond skin involvement, and arthritis during childhood and adolescence.

The third symposium called A Hopeful Future in the Control of Rheumatic Diseases covered issues on new treatments for chronic pain, giving a different and general perspective on pain treatment. Advances in new treatments and the possibility of achieving remission, a dream that is becoming more and more achievable by working together, were also highlighted.

The last symposium was dedicated to patients with rheumatic diseases and covid-19, by Dr. Caros Toro and Dr. Manuel Ugarte, who spoke about the importance of vaccination for patients with rheumatic diseases and post covid syndrome, its impact on people's lives and their rehabilitation.

It was a long day of hard work and effort. I take this opportunity to congratulate PANLAR and ASOPAN and especially the group Juntos for developing this great event achieving sessions of high scientific and educational value for people with rheumatic diseases. Let's keep walking TOGETHER.

We are all PANLAR. 

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