PANLAR 2021 Coverage

ACR, EULAR and GRAPPA are Present in PANLAR 2021

By : Estefanía Fajardo
Periodista científica de Global Rheumatology by PANLAR.

12 August, 2021

"The scientific program includes symposia on covid-19, psoriatic arthritis, and updates. "

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For several years now, PANLAR has organized combined sessions with different organizations at its congresses, that is how the PANLAR/EULAR symposium, pre-congress courses, and symposia with PANLAR/ACR were created and, since 2018, the PANLAR/GRAPPA session was incorporated.

These will be the topics addressed in PANLAR 2021:



The PANLAR/ACR symposium promises to be of great interest. It will be focused on the topic of covid-19 and its impact on the American continent and, in particular, on Rheumatology and will be moderated by Dr. Carlos Lozada.

Dr. Milena Gianfranco will discuss the effects of race and ethnicity on covid-19 infection and its after-effects. Meanwhile, Dr. Rick Bucala will discuss the impact of covid-19 on our specialty.

These topics are relevant considering the current situation facing the world, the existing doubts within the framework of Rheumatology. A special session with input from the ACR. 



This symposium will have two conferences, an introduction by Dr. Annamaria Iagnocco, current president of EULAR, who will also give a talk on imaging, what's new in arthritis, and Dr. Iain McInnes, outgoing president of EULAR, who will give data on pathogenesis in psoriatic arthritis. Dr. Daniel Aletaha will give recommendations for the treatment of psoriatic arthritis. Dr. Enrique Soriano is the coordinator.  



GRAPPA is preparing the update of the recommendations that were published in 2015 of the treatment of psoriatic arthritis and is in the finalization stage, and in PANLAR 2021 we will have the scoop of the preliminary presentation of these recommendations. In that sense, it will be a very interesting and innovative session because these recommendations have been partially presented at the EULAR Congress and more recently at the GRAPPA Congress, which is a congress with limited attendance.

The presentation will be given by the leaders of each of the different groups that were in charge of reviewing the evidence and making recommendations in each of the domains of involvement of psoriatic arthritis. It will be moderated by Dr. Enrique Soriano.


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