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Covid-19 and rheumatology, a major focus of PANLAR 2021

By : Estefanía Fajardo
Periodista científica de Global Rheumatology by PANLAR.

30 August, 2021

"PANLAR 2021 will review the situation in three countries, as well as vaccination, infection, and treatment in patients with rheumatologic diseases. "

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Considering the context of the covid-19 pandemic that we continue to face, the PANLAR Congress 2021 has a section on 'Covid and rheumatology in the Americas' to address different aspects related to the development of the disease, treatment management in rheumatic patients, cases from different countries, and vaccination. 


This symposium, which will be held on August 13, is coordinated by Dr. Carlos Toro, from Colombia, and Dr. Alejandra Babini, from Argentina.


Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico will present their experience considering that they have a registry database of patients with rheumatologic disease who have contracted the virus, and this registry, in addition to being developed by the Society of several countries, is also uploaded to the Global Alliance International. 


Dr. Carlos Toro will talk about recommendations and what to do with rheumatologic medication in patients when they contract covid-19, which ones should be suspended while they are on covid, and which ones should not. Dr. Alejandra Babini will also talk about which medications patients should suspend or not when they are going to be vaccinated against covid-19. 


The series of patients from Argentina who have contracted covid-19 is presented by Dr. Guillermo Pons-Estel; from Brazil, by Dr. Claudia Marques; and in Mexico, by Dr. Deshire Alpizar-Rodriguez.


Dr. Carolina Isnardi will speak about vaccination. She will present the proposal for the follow-up of vaccinated patients, how they are doing, how to follow them over time and analysis of the variants of the virus. In addition to a space for questions and answers, considering the existing doubts about the course of the disease in rheumatologic patients, medication, vaccines, and others. 


From this set of presentations, questions, and answers, it is possible that a proposal could be made to create a PANLAR global registry base to know how patients are progressing in the Americas. 



August 13th. 


17:15 - 18:45 Colombia

18:15 a 19:45 Miami

16:15 a 17:45 Costa Rica

19:15 a 20:45 Argentina


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