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A new platform for the distribution of knowledge

It is with deep emotion, enormous joy and proud satisfaction that I write this editorial in the…


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Vaccination against covid-19 in patients with autoimmune diseases

There have been various concerns about vaccination against covid-19 and, above all, doubts among…

4,176 Views 15 February, 2021

Vaccines and rheumatic diseases (RMDs): a shared decision-making process: Special considerations for patients with rheumatic diseases

Currently, vaccination against COVID-19 is successfully ongoing in many countries, with the…

4,101 Views 14 April, 2021

Vaccination and rheumatoid diseases: a shared decision making process - Safety and effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines

COVID-19 vaccines are the most important scientific response to the global threat posed by the…

1,905 Views 07 April, 2021

Analysis of the Impact of Covid-19 in Patients With Rheumatic Diseases

A worldwide registry has been established to analyze the relationship between autoimmune diseases…

1,198 Views 25 November, 2020

World Arthritis Day

Since 1996, October 12th is recognized as World Arthritis Day.

1,079 Views 11 October, 2020

A look to COVID-19 vaccine from rheumatology

To return to the so-called “new normal” the solution is in a COVID-19 vaccine. In the process there…

 Shared 18 September, 2020
PANLAR 2021 Coverage

Daily podcasts so PANLAR 2021 is at hand

Global Rheumatology, in its coverage of the PANLAR 2021 Congress, will have a podcast format so…

 Shared 12 August, 2021

Poem For a Leprechaun

 Shared 11 October, 2021


Covid-19 and rheumatology, a major focus of PANLAR 2021

Considering the context of the covid-19 pandemic that we continue to face, the PANLAR Congress 2021…

This was the best of the year at PANLAR

We all know that the pandemic led us to turn our daily lives around and to find ways out of the…

Oral Presentations that will be part of PANLAR 2021 - Part 2

1. Costs of care in patients with psoriatic arthritis and psoriasis

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